Life in a BritishconstructionHome

Thoughtful design, the latest technology and expert craftsmanship shape every detail that goes into building a BC Home. These details add up to a holistic experience that is both seen and felt beyond what traditional construction homes offer. BC Homes provide a completely new, financially smarter, well-balanced way to live.

High QualityInvestment

We developed our proprietary factory-built system to maintain the highest quality control over the materials we use and keep costs down. This leads to transparent, fixed pricing which eliminates the old model of general contractor estimates and change orders. We work with you to stay on budget, no surprises, throughout the process.

Increasing Value

All BC homes are built to leading green and energy efficiency ratings. Green rated homes result in higher resale value, an average 9% price premium to sale price, versus comparable homes.

Lower Energy Costs

Up to 50% lower monthly operating costs, lower maintenance, and lower cost of ownership saves an average of $7000+ in energy costs over 10 years.

Extensive Warranties

Only BC Homes come with an extensive warranty package that includes 1 year limited site construction, 3 year limited module, 5 year manufacturers' warranties on all fixtures and appliances. We also have a dedicated customer service team to help homeowners care for their investment , and 30 years limited module structural.


We're constantly researching the latest building technology and beyond, even applying aerospace tech from MIT to engineer our homes. Unlike stick-built homes, we're able to build to exacting standards in our climate controlled factory – resulting in highly modern, highly efficient, precision-crafted, smarter homes.

Core Strength

Our unique 100% recyclable steel-reinforced frames are more durable than traditional 2 x 4 wood frames in hurricanes, seismic activity, snow zones and coastal areas. They also allow us to reduce material use and waste in construction..

Tech Suite

We provide ongoing research on best-in-class products, and partner with high-end tech brands to incorporate the latest upgrades for every room of your house like wireless speakers and LED lights that keep energy costs down.

LED Lighting

Premium LED lighting will fill any room with soft, warm light at a fraction of the energy cost of a traditional bulb.

WiFi Enabled Thermostat

Remotely control the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world via your smartphone or tab.


Home Control


Every BC Home comes equipped with a Smart Home Technology Package that lets you control dimmable lights, integrated speakers, heating, and air conditioning with an iPad.


Solar PV Ready


Cut heating and cooling bills by up to 50% by combining Britishconstruction's PV-ready HVAC system with solar panels.