Ready Wall Systems RWS


Save up to 1/3 of the time and value for construction
The exterior and interior walls of your building can be finished while building the concrete columns and the foundations of the building
Cut costs from expensive specialists (fixers and electricians)
Get a quality product without the chance of a constructive human errors

Solutions for Developers, Builders and Governments.

Remember, it is not just about building better and faster today, it is about being ready to respond to new technology and maximise the benefits for your own organisation from this day forward.

  • On average you can expect an impressive saving on overall build costs.
  • You can expect big reduction in on-site labour.
  • Staggeringly you will saving much on build time.

An important feature of the BC – RWS - Ready Wall Systems are the light-walled metal structures filled as the size and thickness of the light metal profiles can vary depending on the height of the facade wall under wind loads acting on it. Possible large windows, railings and other architectural features. The BC Partition walls - Finished wall systems are typically located on site as individual elements, which are precut in length, they can be pre-manufactured as large panels already finished lining. 


The BC - finished wall systems in multi-story construction with metal frame, is already common practice to use partitions of light steel constructions to the quickly dry pack on the exterior cladding. The same form of construction can be used as a wall or compartment for separation of different parts of the building. The use of lightweight partition walls with metal constructions can be used in construction of reinforced concrete. Light weight, speed and ease of construction are important structural benefits that have led to a rapid increase in the use of this form of construction.

Benefits of walls of BC lightweight steel infill constructions used for external facades and exterior walls and internal partitions are as follows:

The BC - Ready Wall Systems - Speed ​​of construction

Quick installation of partitions of light steel constructions, creating a waterproof casing allowing other activities in the building to take place much earlier than would be possible with walls of solid filler.

The BC - Ready Wall Systems - minimal use of material and less work on the site

 It takes less material and less work to lift and move the material as a light metal frame consists of pre-assembled panels, or assemblies of lightweight "C" sections, which are designed to cover the space between the floors. The process of construction is "dry", so that shrinkage and other problems by drying eliminated. Easily achievable are saving time by more than two weeks per floor.

The BC - Ready Wall Systems - Waste is virtually eliminated through the use of cutting to the length profiles.

The BC - Ready Wall Systems - walls as high as five meters under high pressure wind

The BC - Ready Wall Systems - external walls of light steel constructions resist to  wind loads to 2kN/m2.

This pressure may occurs in tall buildings, or in the corners due to the local wind pressure. Usually in this case the use of internal columns each 400 mm, which can extend to 3.6 m between floors. In regions with high wind pressure, or a higher wall, using carrier systems partition wall with 140 mm width. For indoor applications, can be achieved with walls up to 7 meters, such as auditorium.

Walls of light steel structures are lighter than conventional solid walls and do not apply heavy linear loads on the floor. Typical load line light wall steel construction with lightweight lining is 2kN / m. This is often crucial in the renovated buildings, where the quality of the original construction of the floor, it is not enough to withstand the heavy loads.
The BC - Ready Wall Systems - you can use a wide range of cladding systems as design can carry any type of light and decorative cladding system.

The BC - Ready Wall Systems - can be re-moved in expanding buildings, etc.

The BC - Ready Wall Systems - in hospitals, schools and other similar applications, walls of lightweight steel structure has important advantages because partitions are movable during the life of the building.

The BC - Ready Wall Systems - A fire resistance

Steel is non-combustible, unlike timber and the period of up to 120 minutes fire resistance can be achieved by using several layers of "refractory" plasterboard (corresponding to BS EN 520, Type F).

The BC - Ready Wall Systems - Good acoustic performance

Lightweight walls of metal constructures can achieve excellent sound insulation of 60 db +, when using double layers of drywall and insulation layer between trays.

The BC - Ready Wall Systems - Good thermal properties

The high level of thermal insulation is provided by the various insulation panels of foam that is attached externally to the profiles to create a "hot framework." U-value of less than 0,2 W / m 2, this can be achieved by using a closed-type cell isolation.

The BC - Ready Wall Systems - Ability to create large openings
The BC - Ready Wall Systems - can be made large windows to three meters high and five meters wide, which is not possible with other materials.