BC Smart house

What is BC, Smart House Technology?

The intelligent House is an automation solution that provides convenient and affordable way to manage, control, and automation of almost all devices in the home and business.
The main objective of the BC - Smart House Technology is home management to enhance the comfort and peace of mind by automating all daily activities. Interestingly, activities such as energy saving and security that accompany automation provides increasing financial effect.


How is this possible?

Of course as a direct result of the development and progress :

The development of smartphones which have become fast and flexible enough to replace the expensive traditional final touch panels and remote systems for security and automation (and also are personal)

Practically unlimited mobile internet makes available management from any location

Focus on Green Technology - allows comfortable reducing energy consumption
Opportunities for automation in the home are enormous , ranging from traditional functions:
- Local and remote control of lighting, heating (HVAC), Security
- Motorized windows, curtains, blinds, doors
- Integration of A/V equipment (TV, BlueRay, STB, Audio, etc)
- Integration with security system
- Creation of automated, complex causal relationships.
The Remote heating
The BC - Smart House Technology allows you to control your heating at home, virtually anywhere, anytime on your smartphone or online. By Presets the HeatingControl

reduces or stops heating when you will allowing you to start and stop manually at any time and from anywhere.

The system automatically alerts you when the temperature in your home drops below a preset minimum or rises above the maximum. And these are just some of the capabilities of the system.
The Home system of the iH there are many different options that we have done in profile. The HeatingControl is to select the most important functions related to the control of the heating and the lighting in your home and reinstall them in the profile of the HeatingControl as presets and templates that you can use immediately.
Security at home and the office
Your home is one of the most beloved and treasured places by you. No accident when you were for longer beyond pleased to navigate it, to make sure that everything is okay.
But how do you deal with uncertainty what's happening at home?
The Inteli-houm allows you to monitor your home, and know what is going on there from anywhere, anytime from your smartphone or online. And a wireless system is designed so that it can be installed by anyone.
The system alerts you when there is penetration in the home so that they can immediately react by contacting the neighbor or the police .
For your calmness the system sends you a message when your child comes home from school. And this is only a small part of its capabilities.