British Construction posseses innovative instruments to offer the possibility of seeing your future dream house in a virtual representation, giving solutions through 3D infographics represented in render, animations and new virtual  media, as the company is constantly updating, positioning the new tools in technology, offering the best quality of work.

Residential architectural representations help contractors validate the design even before the construction begins: while floor plans, section drawings, and construction documents are essential, detailed 3D visualization makes it easy to understand the shape, role and scope of the project.

The service we offer is a fantastic solution for project promoters, private clients or professionals, real estate, consultants, etc. facilitating land sales, project development and planning and more.

We are professionals in creating 3D architecture renders, using 3D infographics as a tool for the creation of images with photographic quality for the visualization of new construction projects or rehabilitation of architecture, engineering, public works and / or urban planning.

We offer extensive experience in the development of all types of projects and customer needs throughout UK.