Our Vision

Our goal is to apply highly advanced technology to build individual, prefab homes from metal, galvanized frames of the finest quality. We want people to have beautiful, comfortable, fulfilled with light and space houses. Most importantly our desire is to create homes where your dreams can become true.

A better product

Our products basically contain very extensive lines and sublime ceilings, glass doors and modern design.

We build faster than traditional construction and provide homes that are easier to sustain, healthier to live in, more spacious, lighter, energy effective and greener.

Our homes are with very little impact on the environment and perfectly synchronized with nature.

You can see your project house on a real 3D visualization along with perfect design. Your house can be build for less than an year by a team of trained and crafted people.

Our prices are fixed and transparent from the very beginning; we provide a risk-free investment and a quality team that helps you every step on the way.

Beauty begins on the inside.

Every Britishconstruction home complies with a number of leading green standards and materials: farmed hardwood flooring, ecologic countertops and standard thermal isolation that provides energy savings and noise reduction.

Britishconstruction's unique technology is incredibly durable, steel-reinforced and eco-friendly. That allows a vast space without overloading. We also provide strong frames for architectural features like tall ceilings with spread windows. To provide you a home that makes you feel comfortable these components have to come together.

A better way to build

Built in half the time of conventional custom homes, our premium factory-built homes are better constructed, healthier to live in and easier to maintain.

A process that leads to extraordinary modules, friendly with nature.

Our factory produces small processing factories with less waste and higher quality. The recyclable folding steel frames withstand the harshest conditions, which allows them to be shipped on standard tilt trucks.

The building process allows your small enterprise movable plant to be constructed within weeks, compared to traditional construction which takes months or even years.

You have the opportunity to pre-select all features and to see 3D visualization of it