Construction Kit Building

With Constructions type: Construction Kit Home, Loft ,
Extention Kit, Garden Home Kit, Bungalow Kit, Roof
Construction Kit, Construction Kit for Trading Buildings ,
Industrial Building Kit, you will save over 45% of the
completion price
You have to complete:
Walls (wall covering with plasterboard, mineral wool insulation and siding).
Roof ( laying of OSB boards and roof tiles)
Joinery ( from local woodworking companies)
Flooring ( tiles, parquet, etc.)
Electrical installation and plumbing installation
Benefits of galvanized steel construction prefabricated kit :
1. About 45% cheaper than monolithic and wood
2. At least 7-8 times faster
3. Extremely resistant to earthquakes
4. Environmentally and energy efficient
With each construction kit, you get an installation plan that's easier to assemble, even a child designer. In this way, you will control the construction process yourself, as you will not be bound by terms for completion to any construction company, and you will be financially burdened, and you will end each stage according to your time and possibilities.
As long as companies design the buildings, they will be able to order the construction from us, and as soon as a construction permit is issued, companies will be able to assemble the structures.
With our kit constructions, companies and people do not have to use squatters to brick or build partition walls because everything is whale constructions is ready and only to be installed by several people who do not have to be specialists .
Our whale constructions are suitable for both private clients and construction companies, as the quality and speed with which they will perform the objects they take will save them time and money.
Additional options we offer:

Brigade for installation of your kit construction, both construction and turnkey materials

Consult with our technician at your place from 3 days to 10 days, depending on the type of kit you buy

Supervision when installing the structure, and after completing turnkey