Modular homes and buildings

The Modular method of construction allows the finished foundation to deliver and install the whole rooms and parts of the structure . They may have a significant degree of completeness and that significantly reduced the time to implement. Besides being cost effective , this method is preferred for smaller buildings designed a simple design, low prices and the high spatial efficiency.

Solutions for Developers, Builders and Governments.

Remember, it is not just about building better and faster today, it is about being ready to respond to new technology and maximise the benefits for your own organisation from this day forward.

  • On average you can expect an impressive 35% saving on overall build costs.
  • You can expect around 40% reduction in on-site labour.
  • Staggeringly you will witness up to 90% saving on build time.

At the time of delivery portable houses “BC” are completely finished and ready for exploitation.  These buildings not require concrete groundwork. You don’t need documents for construction and gives opportunity for repeatable moving.

We build:

• Portable houses (one-storied huses, duplex houses, motels)   
• Portable office buildings
Poratble bidlings, designed for restaurants or bars
• Portable biuldings, designed for dormitories or canteens

Portable constructions, designed for commerce or trade
Portable constructions with social functions

The construction of portable accomodation is totally metallic and allows moving.

Portable houses with metallic constructions are comfortable, energy saving, 100% completed and have wonderful vision. Choice of finishing operations and the location of doors and windows is entirely yours.

According to your preferences, desires and needs, we build prefabricated houses for year round use, with very good thermal and sound insulation characteristics and very low prices. The free space under the house may be filled with the normal house vision. Minimal total available area for portable house that you can order is 40 m2.

Types of pre-fabricated modular buildings

We create a range of modular buildings for many different types of use.

  • Construction site offices
  • Marketing suites
  • Classrooms
  • Nurseries
  • Libraries
  • MRI scanner facilities
  • Office complexes
  • Residential accommodation blocks
  • Hotels
  • Dentistry suites
  • Prison education buildings
  • Sports facilities
  • Distribution park gatehouses
  • Cinemas
  • Laboratories
  • Baggage handling facilities
  • Mobile catering units
  • Police stations
  • Cabinet offices
  • Health centres
  • Hospital wards
  • S.E.N. learning centres