Construction of prefabricated houses with galvanized metal structure

All of the architectural designs and engineering projects are preparing by our technical personnel. Our object is using the highest technology in the world of the prefabricated houses to incorporate new products, and as fast as we can to give to our customers new and qualitative products and services, with a view to meeting their requirements. That is why we prefer to set aside all the groundless promises and offer you decent business deal, which is realizable.  We can offer you more than 100 models prefabricated houses. They show the possibilities of technology and they are optimized for maximum use of space within the acceptable price.

Our prefabricated homes are for those looking for an undisputable quality at a reasonable price. Our mission is to make designing and building of homes easy and pleasant for the customer and to be a reliable partner from the first drawing to the first glass of wine at the dinner table.

“BC” houses are with two different types of   heat insulation: built-in the walls, floor, ceil, roof and external insulation - passing along all the outside walls. Their the rmotechnical characteristic draws them near to “passive houses” and makes them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The comfort of living in the many-storied buildings is also guaranteed by sound-insulation system of of the construction between the floors.

Our conception is:

-  To build prefabricated houses with galvanized metal construction, which are strong and warmer and “grow up” for about a month

-  To offer comfortable and real decisions for small budgets that won`t cause loss to your comfort

- To construct buildings with opportunity for future expansion and improvement, so we can offer you the most suitable option for you, without breaking the  integrity of the building

Homes, residential buildings to 4(four) floors, duplex houses, motels, bungalows and any architectural design.

Prefabricated offices buildings and two-storied houses


Prefabricated buildings designed for canteens

Prefabricated buildings designed for dormitories

Prefabricated houses with social functions                                                                                                                                                                                                      “BC” Easy build technology is focused on rational financial effective method of approach.

The basis of this technology is galvanized metallic modular structures faced with OSB, gypsum panels, fiber-cement, reinforced with special resins and structural panels.  All these materials are improved and widely used for residential, commercial and industrial construction in USA and Canada.

 Fiber-cement panels and reinforced gypsum panels have been proving their sturdiness and good insulation qualities of the walls when they are coupled with the right internal insulation, for several decades.

The greatest advantage of our manufactured buildings (prefabricated houses) is that the system is with steel galvanized construction and they are EARTHQUAKE-RESISTANT. Our buildings are conformable with all the types of projects and architecture.

They could be easily be alteredor beautified until one of them become your happy home. “BC” is the indisputable leader in productions of luxury prefabricated houses.

Energy saving prefabricated houses with wooden construction “BC” is secure, solid, and permanent, providing functionality, total freedom of architectural decisions and variety of variants for thermal insulation to the owners. They combine the best indexes of the building physics and static at competitive prices.

Proceeding of the longtime experience in construction “BC” guarantees that the houses made by “BC” are:

1. Modern and energy saving buildings

2.Constructed by high quality materials;

3. Constructed on two panel system base, fulfilled according to the European requirements with modern insulation materials.

4. 8-9 times faster building, 25-30 % cheaper than the monolithic and has an extremely earthquake resistance.