New house for part of your plot

An option offeringone new, much more effective way for the landowners of plotswhichis well known way of building for a compensation as this landowner receives twice the price of the plot, and at the same time he receives a house for which he is not paying money.


If you are a landowner , and you do not have extra money to invest in a house, we can give you an example of building a house without investing extra money.

If you have a plot with a total area of ​​2000m2 for instancewith value of 100 000 EUR, we can build your house incside 500m2 plot, you shall pay the house to us with the rest of the plot - 1500m2.

Note: The figures and amounts are exemplary only, and for each actual case an assessment shall be made for the plot and analyze the interest for the project compensation.